Enabling Nanoscale Imaging

​Tabletop Active Vibration Isolation Platform
for Nanometer Resolution Microscopes


Vibration Isolation Systems
for Nanoscale Resolution Imaging


Active Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System
for Semiconductor / Wafer Metrology Tools

DVIO Series

Superior Optical Tables
Manufactured Since 1993


A leading manufacturer of
advanced vibration isolation system
for nanotechnology

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Who We Are

Established in 1984, as a first manufacturer of vibration isolation systems in Korea, DAEIL SYSTEMS has been supplying optical tables and advanced vibration isolation systems to industries, research institutes and universities.

With more than 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing vibration isolation systems, We guarantee to deliver superior vibration isolation performance for a broad range of applications. As we are in the nano technology era, we are determined to develop high-tech products and provide a total solution for vibrations.

Explore Our Vibration Solutions

Semiconductor Metrology

The DVIA-P Series ensures accurate nanoscale measurements, fast settling time, and superior vibration isolation performance for semiconductor metrology equipment

Semiconductor Metrology

Eletron Microscopy

The DVIA-MB Series, the most advanced active vibration isolation system, maximizes the performance of electron microscopes without any disturbances.

Electron Microscopy


The DVIA-T Series, a tabletop active vibration isolation platform provides a complete vibration-controlled environment for microscopes with nanoscale resolutions.


Photonics & Laser

The DVIO Series, the lightweight but incredibly rigid steel honeycomb optica table is combined with uniquely designed pneumatic vibration isolators, reduces floor vibrations, and minimizes relative motions on the optical table top.

Photonics & Laser

Flat Panel Display Metrology

The DVIM Series, pneumatic vibation isolators with oil-damper options are designed to support the flat panel display metrology equipment with motorized linear stages, providing fast settling time of the equipment and reducing floor vibrations.

Flat Panel Display Metrology

X-Ray Metrology

The DVIA-MB Series is designed to isolate X-Ray metrology equipment from low-frequency floor vibrations.

X-ray Metrology

NMR Spectroscopy

The DVIA-M Series with magnetic field resistant stainless steel design offers a vibration-controlled environment for NMR spectroscopy.

NMR Spectroscopy

What We Value

Customer orientation

We are determined to support customers to meet long-term needs. We align individuals and team objectives around satisfying and retaining customers.


We believe in the power of partnership with our partners to achieve our common goals.

Passion for perfection

We constantly focus on delivering products without any defects to satisfy every customer.