Acoustic Enclosures
Superior Noise Control for Electron Microscopy

DAEIL SYSTEMS’ acoustic enclosure is custom designed to provide a quite, acoustic noise controlled environment for ultra-sensitive metrology instruments such as AFMs and electron microscopes to ensure its optimal performance and nano scale measurements.
Our acoustic enclosures with the advanced acoustic isolation technology reduces acoustic noise in all frequencies meeting the stringent acoustic noise level requirements by manufacturers.

How are Acoustic Enclosures Structured?


Acoustic enclosures are structured by utilizing various technologies to reduce noise levels. The key components of an acoustic chamber include:

  • Soundproofing materials : Acoustic enclosures are typically constructed using soundproofing materials such as foam, fiberglass, and rubber which absorb and block sound waves.
  • Mass : The mass of the enclosure also plays a role in reducing noise levels. Heavier enclosures are more effective at blocking sound transmission.
  • Airtight seals : Acoustic enclosures are designed to be airtight, preventing sound waves from escaping through gaps or cracks.




Custom design is available to meet specific requirements.
Exceptional acoustic isolation performance across a broad frqeuncy spectrum.
Multiple layers of acoustic dampening material.
Triple-paned window allows monitoring of inside without opening a door.
Gas springs allow easy opening and closing a door.
Anti-vibration rubber and rigid granite plate are installed inside an acoustic champer.
Casters are installed on a support frame for mobility.




acoustic isolation performance chart