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Non-magnetic stainless steel optical top is made of 304 series non-magnetic stainless steel for clean rooms
and non-magnetic applications. The non-magnetic stainless steel optical top provide same features and
benefits that are present on the research grade optical tops. The stainless steel optical top features the finest
performance level of broadband damping that effectively minimizes relative displacement in a wide
frequency, superior structural damping level and ultimate rigidity.


Steel Honeycomb Core Structure

The corrugated honeycomb steel layers are vertically expoxy bonded with a stainless steel top skin, a carbon steel bottom skin
and sidewalls, increasing its core density and minimizing its cell size. The steel honeycomb core structure provides
the highest core density and the smallest honeycomb core cell size, offering the maximum static and dynamic rigidity.


Smallest Honeycomb Core Cells

Our steel honeycomb core yields in the highest core density and the smallest honeycomb cell size 2.9㎠, offering the
superb rigid table top. As the smallest honeycomb cells contributing to increase the elastic selection modulus, the natural
frequency of the optical table tops increases, which the table top is less likely to respond to external forces and unfiltered
vibration. Moreover, the higher natural frequency minimizes vibration intensities and deflection under loads.
Our optical table top is all steel constructed, ensuring the long term thermal stability.

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Individually Sealed Mounting Holes

Spill-proof and non-corrosive nylon cups are individually epoxy-bonded under each mounting hole to prevent spilling of liquids from contaminating the honeycomb core.

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Tapped and Clean Surface

The table top surface is precision tapped and delicately sanded to provide a non-reflecting surface. Moreover, the surface is completely cleaned to remove residual metal particles and cutting fluids.


Compliance curve was measured on 2400 x 1200 x 300mm Research Grade optical top

Core steel honeycomb core structure, 0.25 mm thick foil
Core Cell Size 2.9 cm²
Core Shear Modulus 19339 kgf/cm² (275,000 psi)
Surface Flatness ±0.1 mm over 600 x 600 mm area
Top Skin 430 series ferromagnetic stainless steel, 4.0 mm thick
Bottom Skin 4.5 mm thick steel
Side Walls 2.0 mm thick steel plate with highly damped composite wood
Mounting Holes M6-1.0
Mounting Hole Grid 25 mm grid
Mounting Hole Borders 37.5 mm
Mounting Holes Sealing 21 mm deep clean cylindrical cap
Damping: broadband damping
  Research Grade (2000 x 1200 x 300 mm) Scientific Grade (2000 x 1200 x 300 mm)
Resonant Frequency 288 Hz 200 Hz
Compliance 25n m/N 85 n m/N


Custom Optical Table Tops

We offer customization of optical table tops to meet a variety of customers' needs.

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