Enabling Nanoscale Imaging

daeil systems

1. Vision and Innovation

We follow a vision and innovation by making products that make the world a better place.

2. Technology

We must own and control technology which is a fundamental of products.

3. Quality

We need to provide products that are high quality and align with our core values.

4. Interaction with Customer

Based on customers’ perspective we develop and improve products that satisfy customers’ practical needs and requirements.

5. Sharing Profit with Individuals

We acknowledge individuals’ contribution to our achievement and share profits.

6. Freedom

Regardless of age and title, everyone has a right to speak freely and propose ideas.

7. Partnership

We value a partnership and support our partners to actively sell products worldwide.

8. Innovative Leadership

Executives must create a workplace and a company culture where employees can innovatively and productively work. Creating an innovative work environment is the most important job as a leader.


Enabling Nanoscale Imaging

daeil systems

What is DAEIL SYSTEMS, after all?

DAEIL SYSTEMS is about people who think differently,
people who want to use vibration isolation systems to help them change the world,
to help them create things that make a difference and push the human race forward.

Our Vision

To make innovative products that influences the world.

Our Mission

To deliver the best vibration isolation systems and support to students, scientists,
engineers and consumers around the world.