Active Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System

DVIA-P Series

Designed for Semiconductor Metrology

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The DVIA-P series is the advanced active pneumatic vibration isolation systems, employing pneumatic servo valve actuators to
control low-frequency vibrations and stabilize semiconductor metrology equipment with ultra-precision motorized
linear stages. The DVIA-P series incorporate extremely sensitive sensors and powerful pneumatic servo actuators,
generating enormous force to counteract incoming vibrations from building floors and deliver
the ultra-fast settling time for nano-resolution imaging without any disturbances.


Superior Vibration Isolation Performance

The advanced feedback and feedforward vibration control algorithms are embedded in the DVIA-P series,
delivering 40 – 70% at 2 Hz in six degrees of freedom.


Designed for Semiconductor
Metrology Equipment


Based on analog input and acceleration data in real time, the stage feedforward control system in the DVIA-P series effectively
compensates residual vibrations caused by motorized linear stages. When linear stages travel with large acceleration
and mass, large displacement occurs,the acceleration feedback control of DVIA-P series minimizes the displacement,
reducing the settling time and improving the position accuracy of the system. Furthermore, if analogue outputs
of the stage position displacement acceleration that measured in real-time are connected to the controller,
the stage feed-forward system can be employed. The SFF system generates a force that is proportional to the stage
rotational moment and the stage vibration force, which can reduce the position displacement of the linear stage drastically.


10 μm Position Accuracy

The position sensors continuously measure the position of the isolation system and then maintains its the position
through a digital signal processor.As a result, the position accuracy of the system is significantly improved.Furthermore,
accelerometers instantly detect vibrationsoriginating from the floor or the moving stages,
then transmit the digital signalsto operate pneumatic actuators to cancel out the vibrations.


Powerful Pneumatic Actuators to Support Moving Stage Applications

The DVIA-P series is inherently stiffer than passive vibration isolation system due to the enormous force generated by
the pneumatic actuators. The pneumatic actuators generate the significant amount of force to support
the semiconductor / display metrology equipment with integrated motorized linear stages


Feedback & Feedforward Control Algorithm


Smart Control System

A digital controller of DVIA-P series employs a A/D 19-channel 16-bit ad a D/A 10-channel 24-bit D/A
converterto obtain synchronous sampling of vibrations. The digital controller controls the system by constantly
calculating all sources of vibration, then transmitting signals to drive the pneumatic actuators.


Active Vibration Isolation
in All Six Degrees of Freedom

The DVIA-P series controls vibrations in six derees of freedom including, three translational degrees of motions
( X, Y and Z), and three rotational degrees of motions ( pitch, roll and yaw).


On-Site Tunting for Perfection

Floor Vibration levels vary with installation sites, surroundings, irregular events and various vibration sources. Therefore, we offer on-site tuning of the active vibration isolation system, performed by our experienced engineers to guarantee the maximum vibration isolation performance and customers' satisfaction.


40 – 70% vibration isolation at 2 Hz.
≥90% vibration isolation at ≥4 Hz.

Model DVIA-P550 DVIA-P1000 DVIA-P2200 DVIA-P4000 DVIA-P7000 DVIA-P10000 DVIA-P20000 DVIA-P30000
Isolator Dimensions
(L x W x H)
215 x 160 x 170 mm 240 x 240 x 110 mm 350 x 350 x 110 mm 420 x 420 x 110 mm 450 x 450 x 120 mm 450 x 450 x 120 mm 645 x 600 x 284 mm 735 x 700 x 284 mm
Load Capacity 270 – 900 kg 500 - 1700 kg 1100 - 3700 kg 2100 - 7000 kg 3600 - 12000 kg 5000 - 17000 kg 11000 - 38000 kg 150000 - 50000 kg
Actuator Pneumatic Servo Valve Actuator
Maximum Actuator Force Vertical: 2200 N
Horizontal: 390N
Vertical: 25000 N
Horizontal: 480 N
Vertical: 36260 N
Horizontal: 588 N
Vertical: 68600 N
Horizontal: 2646 N
Vertical: 117600 N
Horizontal: 4410 N
Vertical: 167580 N
Horizontal: 8330 N
Vertical: 372400 N
Horizontal: 11760 N
Vertical: 490000 N
Horizontal: 11760 N
Degrees of Freedom 6 degrees
Active Isolation Range 0.5 - 150 Hz
Vibration Isolation at 2 Hz 40 - 70%
Vibration Isolation at ≥4 Hz. 90%
Input Voltage (V) AC Single Phase 100 - 240 V
Power Consumption (W) 100 W
Operating Range Temperature (°C) 5 - 50 °C
Humidity (%) 20 - 90%
Required Air Pressure ≥ 0.5 MPa (≥ 5 bar)
Required CDA 250 NL/min


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