DVIM-G Series
Advanced Pneumatic Vibration Isolator

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The DVIM-G series is an advanced pneumatic vibration isolator, designed to provide superior vibration isolation
performance, highest damping level and fastest payload settling time among other pneumatic vibration isolators.


Superior Vibration Isolation Performance

The DVIM-G series employs the special mechanical filter system and the unique isolator design to lower its resonant frequency as low as possbile to effectively reduce floor vibration, delivering 80 – 90% vibration isolation at 5 Hz.


Dual Chamber Isolation System

The dual chamber system of the DVIM-G series consists of an air chamber and a damping chamber connected
by two orificies : variable orifice and internal orifice. The variable orifice located outisde of the chambers and
the internal orifice located inside the chambers. Theese orificies control air flow between the chamberes to increase
damping efficiency and reduces its settling time. As the high forces of stage accelaration occur, the air chamber
makes a restoring force and air flows into the damping chamber through the orifices. These orifices dissipate energy
in the air, effectively damping the system.


High Performance Leveling Valve

The standard leveling vales with repeatability of ±0.1 mm and the precision leveling valves with repeatability of ±0.05 mm.
The precision leveling valves are recommended if both the releveling accuracy and the settling time are required.


Designed to Support
Metrology Equipment with Linear Stage

The DVIM-G series is equipped with external oil dampers, dampening and minimizing disturbances caused by the
linear stage motions. Unfortuantely, there is a trade-off between the resonant frequency and damping efficiency.
As damping is increased, the resonant frequency of the DVIM-G isolators shift slightly higher and the efficiency of vibration isolation performance is decreased.


80 – 90% vibration isolation at 5 Hz
(Without Damper)

Vibration Isolation System Pneumatic Isolation System
Load Capacity 500–60000 kg
Resonant Frequency 1.2–2.0 Hz
Vibration Isolation at 10 Hz 90–99% (Without Oil Damper)
Automatic Leveling Yes
Accuracy of Leveling Repeatability ±1.0 mm for Standard Leveling Valve
±0.05 mm for Precision Leveling Valve

External Oil Damper
Better Stability & Faster Settling Time

The external oil dampers are installed with stoppers to limit the linear stage from moving beyond certain
stroke range in the three horizontal directions.The oil dampers provide high level of damping by
restriction force created by an oil inside the dampers. The higher the visocosity of the oil,
the stiffer pneumatic vibration isolators leading to reduce the settling time,
but the transmissibility roll-off rate decreases.

DVIM-G-EXTERNAL G-OIL DAMPER for Better Stability and Faster Settling Time

Air Operated Regulator Valve
Faster Settling TIme

An additional air operated regulator valve allows the DVIM-G isolators to increase speed of air flow and response,
delivering the faster settling time.

Model Dimensions (Floating)
L x W x H (mm)
Dimensions (Deflated)
L x W x H (mm)
Location of Bolt Hole
P x P (mm)
Weight Per Isolator
Maximum Load Capacity
Per Isolator (kg)
Diameter of Bolt Hole
DVIM-G-500 220 x 220 x 180 220 x 220 x 173.5 195 x 195 15 500 14
DVIM-G-1000 280 x 280 x 180 280 x 280 x 173.5 250 x 250 30 1000 14
DVIM-G-1500 320 x 320 x 180 320 x320 x 173.5 290 x 290 45 1500 18
DVIM-G-2000 350 x 350 x 180 350 x 350 x 173.5 320 x 320 55 2000 18
DVIM-G-3000 430 x 430 x 185 430 x 430 x 178.5 400 x 400 90 3000 18
DVIM-G-4500 488 x 488 x 185 488 x 488 x 178.5 458 x 458 135 4500 19
DVIM-G-6000 549 x 548 x 185 549 x 548 x 178.5 518 x 518 180 6000 19
Model Dimensions (Floating)
L x W x H (mm)
Dimensions (Deflated)
L x W x H (mm)
Bolt Hole for Top Plate
P x P (mm)
Bolt Hole for Bottom Plate
P x P (mm)
Diameter of Bolt Hole
G-OIL DAMPER 216 x 290 x 185 mm 216 x 290 x 180 mm 185 x 125 125 x 125 15



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