DAE Series
Tabletop Acoustic Enclosure

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DAEIL SYSTEMS's acoustic enclosure is specifically designed to provide superior acoustic isolation
in the nosiest environments for ultra-sensitive metrology equipment.
Acoustic noises can critically disturb the sensitive equipment such as AFM, SEM and TEM.
Our advanced acoustic isolation layering technology, remarkably reducing the acoustic noises,
enabling the equipment to perform without any disturbances.


  • Exceptional acoustic isolation performance across a broad frequency spectrum

  • Multiple layers of acoustic dampening material

  • Triple-paned window allows monitoring of inside without opening a door

  • Gas spring allows easy opening/closing of a door

  • Anti-vibration rubber and stiff granite plate are installed inside the acoustic chamber

  • Casters are attached on the support frame, providing mobility

18 dB of noise reduction at 80 Hz

20 dB of noise reduction at 100 Hz

40 dB of noise reduction at 200 Hz

50 dB of noise reduction at 1000 Hz


DVIA-T Series
Tabletop Active Vibration Isolation Platform


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