Novartis Daeil Installation 2nd Report

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Daeil DIVA-MB3000 2nd Tune Report Glacios

Summary of Work

We re-tuned the passive system and verified performance.

We left the DIVA-MB3000 in position and turned on.

Location Information

This Daeil DIVA-MB3000 System was installed in room 0B 110 .

System Information

Part Delivered Serial Number Software Installed
Daeil DIVA-MB3000 201012R5 Site-Specific Tune YES

Vibration Criterion

VEC conducted six vibration measurement surveys with a duration of 16 seconds each. This test was done on the slab floor and on the DIVA-MB3000 in one direction.


The Daeil DIVA-MB3000 active vibration isolation platform is appropriately installed and functioning as intended. After the Microscope was set up, the system’s resonant frequency changed, which reduced the spike we saw at 100 Hz. Many cables and hoses used with the
microscope bridge the “floating world” and the ground, causing the vibration between 8 and 60 Hz to rise as expected, but not above VC-G. Attached you will Find graphs from the last test and this test below.

Images and Data

Image 1

Figure 1: Vertical Floor

Figure 2: Vertical Daeil DIVA-MB3000

Figure 3: Vertical Transmissibility

Figure 4: 2nd Visit Vertical Floor

Figure 5: 2nd Visit Vertical Daeil DIVA-MB3000

Figure 6: 2nd Visit Vertical Transmissibility