Tabletop Active Vibration Isolation System

DVIA-T Series

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The DVIA-T is the most advanced tabletop active vibration isolation platform in the world, designed to isolate nanoscale imaging instruments from low-frequency vibrations and deliver 40 - 80% vibration isolation at 1 Hz.

Superior Vibration Isolation Performance

The DVIA-T starts to isolate 0.5 Hz, delivering 40% – 80% vibration isolation at 1 Hz.

It's Simple. Plug and Play!

The DVIA-T only requires electricity to use its the active vibration isolation system.

It's Simple. Plug and Play!

Compact, Lightweight, Portable Design

The smallest DVIA-T is 420 × 500 × 93 mm, which weighs only 25 kg, allowing users to hand carry and install on any place at all.

Automatic Leveling to Payload Weight

If there are changes in an environment and location or placing other instruments, users can adjust a level of DVIA-T by simply pressing an Auto Leveling button.

No Air

All the DVIA-T requires eletricity to operate.

UI Software for Users

We take pride in our work to provide a vibration isolation system that actually reduce floor vibrations. The UI software is provided along with the DVIA-T for users to monitor the real-time active vibration isolation performance and floor vibration levels.

Feedback & Feedfoward Control Algorithm

The DVIA series uses the Feedback control algorithm to continuously detect vibrations disturbing an isolated
surface and instantaneously react to minimize the vibrations in real-time. The Feed-Forward control algorithm
is employed in the DVIA Series to filter out floor vibrations in advance before the floor vibrations can be
transmitted to equipment installed on the active vibration isolation systems.

Feedback & Feedfoward <br />Control Algorithm

Active Vibration Isolation in All Six Degrees of Freedom

The DVIA Series controls vibrations in three translational degrees of motions ( X, Y and Z) and three rotational degrees of motions ( pitch, roll and yaw).


40% - 80% vibration isolation at 1 Hz
≥90% vibration isolation at ≥2 Hz

DVIA-T starts to isolate at 0.5 Hz
Platform Dimensions (L x W x H) 420 x 500 x 93 mm 500 x 600 x 93 mm 600 x 700 x 95 mm 700 x 800 x 95 mm
Maximum Load Capacity 90 kg / 150 kg (optional)
Actuator Electromagnetic Actuator
Maximum Actuator Force Vertical: 6 N, Horizontal: 3 N
Degrees of Freedom 6 degrees
Active Isolation Range 0.5 - 100 Hz
Vibration Isolation at 1 Hz 40% - 80%
Vibration Isolation at ≥2 Hz ≥90%
Input Voltage (V) AC100 - 240V / 50 - 60 Hz / 1A
Power Consumption (W) Less than 36 W
Operating Range Temperature (°C) 5 - 50 °C
Humidity (%) 20 - 90%

Atomic Force Microscopy

Fluorescence Microscopy

Scanning Probe Microscopy

3D Optical Microscopy

Optical Microscopy with Nanometer Resolution

Digital Holographic Microscopy

Stylus Profilometry


Surface Roughness Metrology

Installation Photos


Custom Top Plate

A top plate of the DVIA-T can be customized to suit users' a specific purpose.


Custom Desk Platform

We offer a custom desk with a built-in DVIA-T to suit users' a specific purpose.


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