Bridging Silicon Valley to Korea : VEC visiting DAEIL SYSTEMS

PR Team | 2024.06.10.

In March 2024, representatives from VEC(Vibration Engineering Consultant) in the United States visited DAEIL SYSTEMS in Korea. This visit included various activities such as active vibration isolation tuning training, business cooperation discussions, technical discussions, and seminars on the U.S. electron microscope market.

VEC has been partnering with DAEIL SYSTEMS since 2019. As the exclusive distributor of DAEIL SYSTEMS in North America, the company supplies and installs active vibration isolation systems to international markets. This visit provided a valuable occasion for the two companies to discuss technical matters, enhance their understanding of the relevant industry, and share new technological visions.

Commemorative Photo of Daeil Systems' Visit to VEC

After completing the seminar at DAEIL SYSTEMS

During this visit, training for the DVIA-M series and DVIA-U series was conducted. In the past, active vibration isolation tuning was conducted remotely. However, after the tuning training sessions, VEC engineers now have the capability to perform tuning directly on-site, allowing for a much more detailed review of the process and better satisfaction of valuable customers. Both companies have strengthened their technical collaboration and enhanced their technological advancements by closely sharing the new active vibration isolator model, the DVIA-MLP1000. The DVIA-MLP1000 is a customized active vibration isolation model based on Thermo Fisher’s SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope) design. Thermo Fisher is known for its leading market position in the electron microscope industry in the United States and the global market. The DVIA-MLP1000 uses a side-push installation method. In contrast to previous practices, this makes the installation of SEM much easier and more efficient, leading to expectations of increased future orders.

Moreover, following the educational program, the seminar included detailed discussions on competitive business strategies and sustainable collaboration methods. COO Sungkuk Kim of DAEIL SYSTEMS evaluated VEC’s visit as an opportunity to further strengthen the partnership between the two companies, stating that it will contribute to enhancing competitiveness in the global market through future technological innovation.

This visit marks a crucial milestone in building a robust partnership between the two parties in terms of technical collaboration and long-term business strategy. Now, DAEIL SYSTEMS is planning aggressive market expansion this year through the technical stabilization of the DVIA-MLP1000 model.