[Column] An Ordinary Day: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of DAEIL SYSTEMS

PR Team | February 9, 2024.

an ordinary day

An Ordinary Day

How does an ordinary day foster innovation? It may be challenging to answer this question, as sincerity alone could never guarantee success in the revised history of industry. This phenomenon becomes even clearer in the machinery industry, which inflates like a balloon and vanishes with the wind. Thus, we should delve deep into the history of DAEIL SYSTEMS, which began on February 6, 1984, as a small factory with just a few machines in a space of 33m². How did it survive and grow over the span of 40 years? And how is it etching its name in the annals of industry in the present year of 2024?

Micro, as in ‘Extremely small’

Recognizing the importance of the word ‘system,’ ‘DAEIL INDUSTRY’ renamed the business to ‘DAEIL SYSTEMS’ in 1988. The word System represents the entire universe, originating from the Latin word ‘Systema,’ which means sequence and arrangement. By the 1630s, the term expanded to include ‘a fundamental relatedness,’ influenced by the concept of an ‘organism’, where an animal’s body was perceived as complete.

Yes, a machine in the industry may not seem closely related to an organism. However, when handling ‘something’ with utmost precision, the necessity of managing vibration delicately becomes evident, which can greatly impact the success of an experiment or invention. Thus, the vibration isolation platform and that ‘something’ should be interconnected like an organism to conduct a sound experiment.

While developing the concept of system, DAEIL SYSTEMS also deliberated on which capacities to strengthen and where to concentrate its efforts. The answer lay in the ‘Vibration Isolation Systems.’ Controlling vibration is a project that demands high-level technical expertise in the industry. Behind the creation of the world-renowned exclusive vibration isolation systems, crucial for achieving ultra-precision, lies the discerning vision of the CEO, Kwangsan Kim. He transforms an ‘ordinary day’ into a long-range project with acute foresight, keeping in mind that “How accrued daily life can bring huge transition.”

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Micro-vibration Isolation System

We are all aware of what DAEIL SYSTEMS is devoted to: the vibration isolation systems. Vibration isolation systems are devices and platforms that control floor vibrations impacting the inner and outer structure of nanometer-sized materials, providing vibration-controlled environments to be stably imaging in high-resolution without disturbances. The vibration isolation systems are utilized in metrology equipment requiring nanoscale imaging in semiconductors, display, photonics, laser, and life science.

Since the 1980s, the standard of nano imaging equipment within industries has been equated with the technologies of the industry itself. Being able to produce vibration isolation systems with DAEIL SYSTEMS’s technology meant having the ability to obtain clear nanoscale imaging in vibration-controlled environments. To be specific, this production capability could also elevate the entire possibility of industrial growth in the world.

In 2024, DAEIL SYSTEMS’ capacity to produce the vibration isolation systems required in diverse industrial environments with first-rate technology does not confine itself to evaluating a business. Instead, we should say that it signifies more than Korea’s progress; it represents the advancement of global industries’ vibration isolation technologies of the human race.

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Archaeology of Vibration: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of DAEIL SYSTEMS

We define ‘archaeology’ as the study of the human race’s past through corporeal references of remains and relics. Then, how should the ‘Archaeology of Vibration’ be defined? DAEIL SYSTEMS endeavors to convey its will: to appraise how vibration, which was born with the birth of the cosmos, can bring innovation when combined with civilization and industry. DAEIL SYSTEMS’ 40 years may seem like a long period within the history of industry, but from the viewpoint of the time between the human race and vibration, it becomes a moment shorter than the blink of an eye. Still, we tend to anticipate what will come next in that ‘moment,’ because we tend to imagine what a bright future DAEIL SYSTEMS would bring to the nanotechnology industry.

On February 6th, 2024, DAEIL SYSTEMS’ 40th-anniversary celebration was held at DoubleTree by Hilton in Pangyo. The CEO, Kwangsan Kim, conveyed, “I am deeply honored to appreciate distinguished guests who have attended to celebrate the 40th-anniversary of DAEIL SYSTEMS.” This phrase might be a cliché, yet the CEO was truly overwhelmed by the event.

In 1977, the CEO entered DAEWOO HEAVY INDUSTRY and carefully involved in the corporation’s operations in the Middle East region. He also paid close attention to the construction industry’s growth in East Asia. The CEO gained discernment through these experiences. In his early thirties, CEO Kim’s ‘reckless challenge’ faced multiple threats, yet he overcame it thanks to the firm support of his companions and his family. The CEO acquired belief and courage through the challenge and succeeded in the projects. This would be the reason he emphasizes the ‘faith towards customers’ to executives and staff members.

There were about 200 guests have attended the ceremony. Each table had its own lively conversations, discussing how DAEIL SYSTEMS would further advance and sharing ideas about industrial issues. The 40th-anniversary celebration of DAEIL SYSTEMS was not merely a ceremonial event but a time for contemplating the significance of the company’s existence, as it has undoubtedly elevated the vibration isolation systems made in Korea to a global standard, as implied by its company name.

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Vibration beyond Imagination

There is a diversity of vibrations in this world. They could be physical or psychological. As vibration connects one technology to another, it also unites one person to another. The present progresses in the harmony between technology and people. “Enabling nanoscale imaging to make the world a better place.” DAEIL SYSTEMS’s new vision of the COO, Sungkuk Kim could also be said to have been passed down through vibrations from the CEO, Kwangsan Kim. Here comes the reason why we should anticipate what the ‘Vibration beyond Imagination’ of DAEIL SYSTEMS would bring.