Embrace and Release : Workshop to Celebrate DAEIL SYSTEMS’s 40th Anniversary

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PR Team | February 8, 2024.

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the company’s founding, we embarked on a 4-night, 5-day workshop to Cebu, Philippines. The trip was like a festival filled with camaraderie among colleagues, fostering bonds between seniors and juniors, and allowing us to experience the serenity and vibrancy of life. At the same time, I felt deeply moved and thought, ‘Finally, is it my turn to post the hashtag ‘#CompanySponsoredTrip’ Now, let’s relive the moments of that memorable festival.


All that remains are the photos

What is the allure of Cebu?

Here are a few things I discovered while researching Cebu online. One of my favorite movies, Avatar (2009, directed by James Cameron), features ‘Pandora’s floating mountains.’ It is said that these mountains were inspired by Tumalog Falls, also known as the ‘silk waterfall’. There’s no need to worry about being eaten by whale sharks in the ocean because they are only interested in shrimp paste. Moalboal, which means ‘turtle egg,’ is an excellent snorkeling spot, but careful planning is essential. I also looked up some historical places, including the Santo Niño Church, Fort San Pedro, and, what was the name of that famous explorer again? Ah, Magellan. Magellan’s Cross frequently came up in my online search. It was intriguing to learn that Magellan arrived in the Philippines in 1521. Most importantly, food is the top priority for me. Blogs offered various reviews on what was good or bad, how to haggle, and so on. In the end, I found all the food to be delicious 😁. The resort’s breakfast was great, and the various dishes I had in the city, whose names I can’t recall, were all worth at least four stars. The beer was so refreshing. ‘Yeah, this is paradise,’ I thought.


I want to enjoy a refreshing drink


At Tumalog, said to have inspired (this is my favorite photo)

I think my position is somewhere between a traditional traveler and a traveler-spectator hybrid. As an extreme introvert (MBTI: I for introvert), I’m always hesitant to try new activities and experiences. Even though the locals reassured me that whale sharks are just big fish—up to 18 meters long and weighing up to 20 tons—I couldn’t help but be reminded of the wildness in their name, evoking memories of Spielberg’s Jaws (1975). Despite this, I gathered the courage to participate in snorkeling. As a beginner traveler, I often encountered terms I wasn’t familiar with, such as island hopping, canyoning, and bangka.

‘Island hopping’ involves traveling around in a bangka boat, exploring tropical fish, coral reefs, turtles, and various other sites. If it’s a sunset cruise island hopping tour, then you would enjoy different islands while watching the sunset from a cruise. Canyoning refers to a range of activities that combine trekking, rock climbing, cave exploration, and white-water rafting. Fun fact: the term ‘canyon,’ first used in 1834, is derived from the Spanish word ‘cañon,’ which means gorge (that’s why they call the massive gorge in Arizona the Grand Canyon).

A bangka is the traditional boat of the Philippines. In the photo below, you can see the boat, which resembles a canoe, with bamboo outriggers attached to stabilize it. Bangka boats can range in size from those accommodating two people to those carrying dozens. The term ‘bangka’ is said to be derived from double outrigger dugout canoes. Another fun fact: the word ‘canoe’ comes from the term ‘canaoua’ used by Columbus. It’s a boat made by hollowing out the middle of a tree. The Irish folk band The Wolfe Tones released a song called “Paddle Your Own Canoe” (1981), and actor Nick Offerman also published a book with the same title (2013). ‘Paddle Your Own Canoe’ is an idiom meaning “to chart your own course.”


Bangkas of various sizes

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We are tightly holding onto the banner that feels like it could fly away from the bangka


A snapshot of island hoppers taken by a drone!

4 Nights and 5 Days Travel Equation

I had a great time and ate well. I let go of the negative energy from my daily routine and gained clarity in my thoughts. In addition to the food and activities, presentations from the conference provided a new source of inspiration. The production management team leader Ahn and Lee presented about ‘Personal and Organizational Growth.’ Kim, the executive, and COO presented on the topic of ‘Organizational Culture and Leadership.’ Their presentations inspired all of us to adopt a new perspective on DAEIL SYSTSEMS’s new company culture, which emphasizes a ‘feedback culture’. During the conference, every one of us was given a valuable opportunity to directly engage with the company’s executives through an open Q&A session. This was designed to bridge the communication gap between the employees and management. By allowing staff at all levels to ask any questions they had, the session fostered a sense of transparency and openness. It not only helped demystify many aspects of management’s decisions and strategies but also encouraged a more inclusive dialogue. The executives responded candidly, which helped to clarify our perspectives and reinforce a culture of mutual understanding and respect within the company. Discussing topics over snacks in a space where the emerald horizon rushed in through the windows, rather than a typical conference room, felt more like a meaningful pause than work. When the phrase ‘DAEIL SYSTEMS is me’ appeared in the PowerPoint, I laughed a little to myself but found it surprisingly relatable.

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Placing the Space Between Filling and Emptying as a Bookmark

We are always on a journey

One reason for traveling is that it gives us the chance for self-reflection. I recall a friend who works at a travel agency suggesting, “Give any trip a title.” At first, I thought, ‘A trip is a trip, why give it a title?’ But interestingly, once I gave it a try, it felt as though past trips were coming to life in the present. What is the title of your trip? What will the title of your future trips be?